Bettering Our Own Best

Our utmost dedication to quality shows in every department, process and product we manufacture. We ensure that nothing but the best gets delivered to our consumers. From research and development to production and delivery, stringent checks ensure that there is never a compromise on quality.

On-line inspections ensure adherence to quality of our processes and help deliver high quality products that meet international standards. In addition to the on-line inspection, the quality of our material is measured by the following properties:

  • • Hardness of the base metal
  • • Mechanical properties of base metal
  • • Zinc coating
  • • 180o Bend test
  • • Paint coating thickness as DFT
  • • Hardness & Gloss of paint
  • • Flexibility of paint as ‘T’ bend Test
  • • Impact test of painted material
  • • Solvent rub test as “MEK test”
  • • Computerized colour matching

In conjunction with the above tests, long term tests are also carried out within a specified frequency. Long term tests include:

  • • Salt spray tests
  • • Humidity test
  • • QUV test

Quality checks of raw materials are carried out prior to processing to ensure the integrity of the finished product.

During the colour coating process, we carry out visual inspections and laboratory tests of the sample, over and beyond strict on-line checks; once approved we issue warranty certificates for our products.