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HR Values

The staff of NSAIL has adopted values and ethical codes that describe how we interact with our customers and with one another in conducting our business.


We interact among ourselves and with others honestly, thereby building relationships based on trust. We always respect the confidentiality entrusted to us.


We exercise patience and sensitivity in dealing with the concerns and problems of others. We are forthright, and fair in our interactions with our customers and with one another.

Customer Focus

We anticipate, understand and respond in a timely and effective manner to the needs of our customers. We welcome customer feedback and rely on this to help identify improvements in our operations.


Effective communication is the foundation of our personal and business relationships. We actively seek to understand the perspectives of others by listening with an open mind and communicating honestly, with appropriate discretion.


We capitalize on the knowledge, skills and abilities mastered through our education, training and experience. In doing so, we will achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Team Spirit

We cooperate and collaborate with each other and our customers. We enthusiastically conduct our day-to-day duties and mindful of the needs of one another and our customers.