All it takes is a dash of colour to brighten up everything. Even our sheets. With the dream of making the world a brighter place, National Steel has introduced its flagship brand, KOLORMETAL. Manufactured with equipment from the world leader in colour coatings – Bronx Australia, KOLORMETAL has set a landmark in the Indian steel industry, and even commands credibility in the Global market. Available in a vast array of colours, KOLORMETAL is set to change the way the world looks at steel.

PPGI process is a roll coating process which consists mainly of cleaning, pre-treating, primer coating, finish coating and baking. No corners are cut in our endeavour to deliver the best to our customers. From cleaning to baking, every bit of care is taken to eliminate any drop in quality, even while maintaining our delivery timelines.

Colour Coated Profile Sheets

At National Steel we believe that one size or colour doesn’t fit all. In keeping with customer requirements, we manufacture different types of Roofing Sheets in various shapes. The sheets have large coverage and are suitable for several industrial applications. They are created with side lap corrugation which provides crucial support at the point of panel overlap, making them easy to install. To make the process even more seamless, our team of skilled professionals can efficiently install the sheets. Using Butyl tapes, which makes the structure weather proof, the team seals the specially-designed side lap anti-capillary grooves.


With quality and innovation as our guiding principle, we always strive to stay a step ahead of industry standards. NSAIL’s KOLORMETAL new Profile Sheet boasts of a modern design with guard film and comes in many attractive colours. It is characterized by improved strength, provides better coverage, and is cost effective as well.

  • • Cover Width: 1200 mm
  • • Total Width: 1260 mm
  • • Pitch: 200 mm
  • • Depth: 30 mm
  • • No. of Crests: 7
Key Advantages:
  • • Less number of sheets required
  • • Reduced labour cost
  • • Advanced design for better strength
  • • Perfect overlapping for ideal waterproofing
  • • High tensile strength 550 MPA +
  • • Withstands wind velocity of up to 180 km/hr ?

A versatile roofing product that straddles elegance, flexibility and strength. The sheets are perfect for any building need.

  • • Cover Width: 1000 mm
  • • Total Width: 1060 mm
  • • Pitch: 200 mm
  • • Depth: 30 mm
  • • No. of Crests: 6
Key Advantages:
  • • Improved Strength and Durability
  • • Suitable for all Weathers
  • • Available in Various Colours & Thickness

KOLORMETAL® 1000 is specially designed for advanced roofing applications that require high durability and performance. It has an optimal pitch and depth ratio which gives it superior weight bearing capacity. Its distinctive design ensures a watertight roofing solution with the added advantage of having an anti-capillary groove, which keeps the installation leak-proof for a long time. Moreover, the design prevents moisture accumulation on fasteners, thereby averting premature corrosion.

  • • Cover Width: 1000 mm
  • • Total Width: 1087 mm
  • • Pitch: 250 mm
  • • Depth: 32 mm
  • • No. of Crests: 5
  • • Cover Width: 1000 mm
  • • Total Width: 1075 mm
  • • Pitch: 143 mm
  • • Depth: 23.5 mm
  • • No. of Crests: 8
  • • Cover Width: 975 mm
  • • Total Width: 1045 mm
  • • Pitch: 195 mm
  • • Depth: 32 mm
  • • No. of Crests: 6
Key Advantages:
  • • Attractive and durable
  • • High strength to withstand adverse weather conditions
  • • Easy to assemble, which helps save time and labour
  • • Light-weight, easy to handle and store
  • • Does not break, crack or leak
  • • Fire resistant
  • • Environment friendly
  • • Low maintenance cost
Our range of colour coated steel finds applications in various places, like:
  • • Architectural & building products (Panelling, façades, canopies, false ceilings, doors & windows)
  • • Domestic appliances & electrical goods (Refrigerators, air & water coolers, washing machines, microwaves)
  • • Furniture & office equipment like storage shelves
  • • Industrial products (Machinery casings, body shells, jackets)
  • • Miscellaneous (Sign boards, hoardings, boxes & trunks)

Our Galvanized Trapezoidal Roll Formed Metal Decking Sheets are designed for a wide range of applications from industrial to residential roofing and flooring. Our in-house tools and structural design facilities help meet customer demands for technical accuracy, quality & durability.

  • • Cover Width: 910 mm
  • • Total Width: 948 mm
  • • Pitch: 130 mm
  • • Depth: 44 mm
  • • No. of Crests: 8
  • • The Kolor Roof Decking range is available in an array of thicknesses (0.50 mm to 1.00 mm) profiles and multiple finishes to meet different requirements vis-a-vis span, insulation, water proofing, imposed load, and any other special considerations.
  • • It can be used as a permanent structural support member for slabs
Key Advantages:
  • • Reduced shuttering time and costs -
  • • Faster construction roofs and floors, thereby saving up to 50% of construction time of slabs and roofs
  • • Once designed as a composite structure, it enables either a reduction or elimination of the structural steel used in RCC slabs
  • • Internal plastering of roofs can be avoided because steel roof decking gives an aesthetic look internally as well

Faster Project Completion: The use of Metal Decking allows for the construction of multiple floors simultaneously, hence saving considerable project time.

Better Strength: When used as permanent shuttering, it provides a strong & safe platform for layering reinforced concrete & also for the labour working on the floor.

Saving in Material: When used as a composite floor, it reduces the thickness of both concrete & the reinforcement, which in turn increases floor-to-floor height.

Clear Space for Working: It eliminates shuttering & de-shuttering planks, props & provides a clear space for working on the underside of the RCC floors.

Improved Functionality: The profiled shape of the metal decking allows nesting of service cables & wires within the notches.

Saving in Cost: Use of Metal Deck lowers material handling costs & labour costs since it economizes concrete & steel consumption.


NSAIL also has the capability to manufacture plain and perforated profile sheets as per client requirements

  • • Hole diameter, pitch and % of perforation can be manufactured as per client’s requirement
  • • Base material thickness ranges from 0.40 to 1.0mm TCT
  • • Zinc coating ranges from Z80 to Z275
  • • Wide yield strength ranges from soft to hard (up to 550 MPA)
  • • For YS 250 MPA – material thickness – 0.40 to 1.00 mm
  • • For YS 550 MPA – material thickness – 0.40 to 0.80 mm
  • • Available in lengths of up to 12000 mm
Key Advantages:
  • • The sheets can reduce echo & noise, a useful feature in airport buildings, auditoriums, concert halls, indoor sports arenas, television news rooms, radio station announcement rooms etc.
  • • Can be used as fencing in gardens, buildings, factories, complexes etc.
  • • Also finds use as top row of side cladding in factory sheds to let hot air out

Embossed Sheet: Details & Pics ? COMING SOON
Hot Lamination: Details & Pics ? COMING SOON


NSAIL can produce crimping as required by clients on a wide range of sheets

  • • Curved angle can be manufactured as per client requirements
  • • Base material thickness ranges from 0.30 to 1.0 mm TCT
  • • Radius ranges from 300 mm to 600 mm
  • • Robust Construction, excellent tensile strength, optimum finish & longer life
Key Advantages:

The crimped sheets are primarily used for curved roofs as these sheets are manufactured from normal trapezoidal profile sheets with required bending as per structural requirements. It ensures uniform long bend sheets which are leak proof.

  • • Available in concave & convex shapes
  • • Creative designs for aesthetic appeal
  • • Easy to install
  • • Less cladding material required for covering a given curve

Different types of crimped profiled sheets are used in:

  • • Profile Ridge – Roof cover
  • • Profile Canopy – Gate cover
  • • Profile NLC – Shade cover from roof to cladding
  • • Profile Curvature – Overlapping

With long and thorough industry experience, NSAIL has the ability to manufacture very high quality assortment of Curving & Crimping Sheets. Exported across the world, they are available in concave and convex shapes with flats and angles customised as per client specifications. These sheets are produced by our experts using high grade raw materials and are supplied in various specifications.

Our Colour Coated Corrugated Sheets are built for superior performance and longevity. Designed specifically for roofing where an aesthetic appeal is required, these sheets are produced in a wide range of colours & dimensions with width ranging from 665 mm to 1220 mm in two variants (i.e. Top colour on top side or Back colour on top side as specified by customer). These sheets find use mainly for roofing purposes where the strength or wind velocity load is not a major factor.


Corrugation (Barrel and Continuous roll forming post cut) for Galvanized Corrugated sheet and Colour coated corrugated sheet

  • • Thickness: 0.18 to 0.60 mm
  • • Input Width: 750 to 1350 mm
  • • Output Width: 665 to 1220 mm
  • • Length: 1800 to 3660mm [Higher length can be supplied in limited sizes]
  • • Length Tolerance: + 5mm
  • • Diagonal Tolerance: 0.5% of width
  • • Packet Weight: Max. 3.5 MT.