The Many Faces Of Steel

Ever since the time steel was first manufactured, it has changed the very foundations of not only construction, but everyday life as well. Today our lives are inexorably tied with steel, and with 20 billion tonnes of steel in use across various products and categories, it is perhaps the most important modern material in use. It provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any commonly-used material and is exceptionally durable. Steel can be also be recycled infinitely, thereby making it possible to create newer products without any loss of strength, formability, or other important measures of performance. This is the reason steel is heralded as the material of choice for construction and manufacturing around the world. The steel produced by NSAIL is used in sectors ranging from household fittings to automobiles and from construction to consumer appliances.

New formulations of high-performance steel allow car makers to produce stronger and lighter vehicles that are more energy efficient. Steel lends considerable advantages for the construction of wind turbine towers due to its strength and durability. Environmental impact is minimised owing to the recyclability of steel. Its strength also enables building designers to use less material without compromising structural performance. Steel is also part of the innovative technologies that reduce energy use in buildings.

NSAIL is an approved supplier for K-Span Profile application by MIC Industries (Mfg of K-Span Profile machine). NSAIL also provides materials for airport top hat GI Brackets, Purlings, industrial chimneys, hoardings, white board applications, green board applications, Construction Grade 80 GI and PPGI in the US Market, consumer appliances like washing machines, cooler, ACs, buckets, milk cans, geysers, solar systems and heaters, hatcheries, packing seals and packing strips, furniture, office racks, tube light frames, false ceilings, T-joints and electrical distribution boards. NSAIL steel is used in the automobile sector for bus bodies and window regulators in reputed automobile manufacturers like Nissan, Ford and Volkswagen.

Steel For Every Need
  • • Cladding/Sliding
  • • Roofing
  • • Building accessories
  • • Sliding shutter
  • • Doors
  • • Bill boards
  • • Partitions
  • • Canopies of gas stations
  • • False ceiling
  • • Prefabricated buildings
  • • Sandwich panels
  • • Washing (washing machine and tumbler dryer)
  • • Cooking (oven & microwave oven)
  • • Cold (refrigerator, freezer, visi cooler, water cooler)
  • • Electric application (griller, toaster, air conditioner)
  • • Railway carriages
  • • Bus-body building
  • • Lorry containers
  • • License plate
  • • Dash board
  • • Road signs
Industry / Miscellaneous
  • • Containers
  • • Packaging
  • • Aerosol
  • • Clock dials
  • • Furniture
  • • Light fixtures
  • • Cooking utensils
  • • Computer & peripherals