Giving Strength To Agro Lands

At NSAIL we have developed a keen insight into one of the markets that was once least tapped – the rural market of India. Using our insight into the rural Indian economy, we have used our expertise to supply steel to some of the remotest villages in the country. This led to the inception of the Agri Commodities Division in 1992. We have now expanded this division through constantly upgrading our technical capabilities, which has in turn helped us deliver premium products at competitive rates. And this growth is not just limited to India. In a short period of time we have established a strong presence in Myanmar and Singapore as well.

We hold a leading position in the import and export of commodities like Flat Steel (GC & PPGI), rice, wheat, soybean meal, yellow peas, green peas & lentils, and Burmese origin products like toor whole, green mung, beans—polished & unpolished, black matpe/ urad bean, red kidney beans, black eye beans, yellow maize and sesame seeds. We also deal in products with Australian origin (chick peas & dun peas), Indian origin (Kabuli Chick Peas), tea, engineering goods & Turnkey solutions of EPC projects specially Power projects.

A keen insight into the rural Indian economy, developed over years of supplying steel to villages, led to the inception of the Agro commodities division. And in a short period of time we have made our presence felt in Myanmar and Singapore among others.

A strong customer focus coupled with enormous sourcing strength gives us an edge over others in the Global market.