Very nice and cleanly maintained plant. Thanks…
Sapana Jain
Exim Bank

Impressed with the maintenance of the plant, especially cleanliness; Congratulations…
Mahesh Bhagat
Continho & Ferrostal.

Highly pleased to see this Mill Neat and Safety standard is maintained very high standard. Best wishes to full teams.
Biswarup Saha


State of art facilities, clean, spic and span, transparent operations, good quality products. Thank you very much.
R. Radhakrishnan
ISGEC, Noida

I am very happy to see such high quality Mill in India, all the best.
Squandi Omar Abu Ali
Mitsui & Company. Egypt

Good Mill and very good Service. Thanks for all your support, help and above all hospitality.
Ms. Tanya Prasad

Thank you for this most impressive experience.
Claudia Rothenbach
UBS AO Innich, Switzerland

Good plant and impressed with the new project. All the best..
Mr.Ajay Amin

Impressive set up with dedicated team of employee, you will soon become leader in this field.



NSAIL power system established jointly with MPSEB and self Generation. State electricity board (MPSEB) connection at 33 kv with demand of 5500 kva. 33 kv further step down up to 415 v for plant process.

Power generation equipped with Gas and diesel based generation with combined heat recovery system principally known as CHP concept.

Gas generators 11 kv ( RLNG based) with combination of 2x 3 MW ,German engines along with heat recovery system through Vapor absorption machine(VAM) and Exhaust heat recovery unit (HRU).

Diesel generator 11kv (HFO based) - caterpillar Germany with combination of 5 & 7 MW also connected in the grid.

Both power generators synchronized with the 33 kv grid and subsequently power sale / purchase system established.


NSAIL Have Installed successfully With capacity 3X 2010KW Deutz(MWM)Germany make 4-strock lean burn V Type 1500RPM high efficient engine with AVK Germany make brushless type alternator .details as following:
Engine Details:- GG#1,2,3
Manufacture:- Deutz Power System
Type:- TCG 2020V20, 4strock Auto Cycle
SNO:- 2207324,2207337,2207788
Year of Manufacturing:- 2007
Rated Power:- 1700KW
Mechanical output:- 2070kw
Rated voltage:- 11000 V
Rated Current:- 89Amp
Rated Power factor:- 1.0
Rated Frequency:- 50HZ
Max. site attitude of installation:- 572m
Max.Amb.temp:- 35Deg.C
Fuel:- Natural Gas
Performance class:- G2
Mass:- 18400kg
Alternator Details:-
Manufacture:- AVK Deutschland GmbH & Co.
Capacity:- GG#1&2 -2500kva,GG#3-2660KVA
Type:- DIG130 i/4
SNO:- 8427538E104,8427538E204,8429109A305
Voltage:- 11000V
PH:- 3phase AC
Current:- 131 AMP
Frequency:- 50Hz
Power factor:- 0.80
RPM:- 1500
Insulation Class:- F Class
IP:- 23
Aux. excitation voltage:- 80V

NSAIL Generate power at 11KV & step up to 33KV by step up transformer.

Procedure for synchronization:-

1. Synchronization with 11KV Bus:- We checked all aux. of engine as lub. Oil level,H.T. & L.T. line pressure i.e. L.T-1.5bar H.T.- 1.8bar at pump inlet side. Check water level at cooling tower & ventilation sump tank & DM water tank. RLNG Supply valve should be open & pressure @ 3.5 bar. Conform H.T. &L.T. pump & lub. Oil priming & filling pump should in auto mode.

First conforms that engine I/C VCB & O/G should be in service & open position.& 33kv supply available at grid side & both isolator close.

Tem screen select in auto mode & selector switch in auto mode. then put GCP-30 Relay in auto mode .then start engine by selector switch in start mode. after engine start we checked engine speed at tem screen & voltage at GCP-30relay.checked bus & generation voltage & frequency at GCP-30. Its given to close command to NGR ,then after some time auto close command to Engine I/C VCB.

Monitor all parameter & grid voltage & maintain as per our requirement of load.

2. Power Feeding in Island mode:- First take clearance from MPEB about power shut down & work permit then open sych.yard VCB & isolator then take permit from CRM div. open DGPP out going 33kv VCB & isolator then take permit from DGPP. Conform no any supply at the grid side ,then close 33kv out going VCB.put island mode key in ON position then push island permissive P.B. start Engine GG#1 safely .as well as voltage & frequency reached at desire level checked all three phases .then close 33kv out going VCB close manually & checked 33kv voltage in all three phases .then informed to CGL-1,2 CCL for close L.T Breaker & take load one by one. internal set power set at the desired load but not below load come up to 90% on GG#1 then start GG#2 in normal start mode& synchronized with11kv bus then share load manually if required .thus maintain equal load on both engine.

Equipment detail:-
1. Power transformer:-
KVA:- 10000/12500KVA
HV-33000 V:- 3phase/50Hz
LV-11000V:- 3phase/50Hz
HV AMP:- 174.95/ 218.69 AMP
LV AMP:- 524.86/656.07AMP
Impedance voltage:- 7.8/9.75 %
Oil quantity:- 6000 Ltr.
Year of manufacturing:- 1996
Sno:- 381612

2. Distribution Transformer:-
KVA:- 1600KVA
HV-11000 V:- 3phase/50Hz
LV-0.415kV:- 3phase/50Hz
HV AMP:- 83.97AMP
LV AMP:- 2225.92AMP
Impedance voltage:- 5.05 %
Oil quantity:- 780Ltr.
Max. Ambient Temp.:- 45Deg.C
Max. Temp. Rise WDG/OIL:- 50/55deg.C
Sno:- JN3819
Year of manufacturing:- 1995

Model No:- VD4
Rated voltage:- 12kv
Rated current:- 1250Amp.
Freq.:- 50Hz
Insulation level:- 28kv/75kv pk
Short circuit breaking current:- 26.3KA rms
Short circuit current duration:- 3 sec.
Short circuit making current:- 66kApk
Operating sequence:- 0-0.30s-CO- 3min-CO
Closing coil supply:- 110VDC
Opening coil supply:- 110VDC
Motor supply voltage:- 230VAC
Installed Qty:- 06NOS

NSAIL Install complete waste heat Recovery system of gas power plant with Associate of Hot water Generator unit for hot water to steel plant & vapour absorption M/c for cooling of electrical control room & offices.

(B) Vam (Vapour Absorption Machine):-

Absorption refrigeration cycle uses water as the refrigerant & lithium bromide as the absorbent .it is strong affinity these two substances have each other that makes the cycle work .the entire process occurs in an almost complete vacuum.

Following 5 step in VAM for chilling cycle.
1.Solution Pump/Heat Exchanger:- A dilute solution of lithium bromide and water descend from the absorber to the solution pump .this flow of dilute solution pumped through heat exchangers to the fist stage generator.
2.First stage Generator:- An energy source heats dilute lithium bromide solution coming from the solution pump/heat exchange .this produces hot refrigerant vapour which is sent to the condenser ,leaving a concentrated solution that is returned to the heat exchanger.
3.Condensor :- Refrigerant vapour produced by the generator –enters the condenser .the refrigerant condensed into liquid and the refrigerant liquid is cooled. the refrigerant liquids are combined and cooled by condenser water .the liquid then flows down to the evaporator.
4.Evaporator:- Refrigerant liquid from the condenser passes through an expansion valve & flows down to the refrigerant pump, where it is pumped up to the top of the evaporator. here the liquid is sprayed out as a fine mist over the evaporator tubes.due to the extreme vacuum (6mm Hg) in the evaporator ,some of the refrigerant liquid vaporizes ,creating the refrigerant effect.
The refrigerant effect cools return system chilled water in the evaporator tubes the refrigerant liquid /vapour pickup the heat of the returning chilled water , cooling it 12deg.C to 7deg.C/10deg.C to 5Deg.C.The chilled water is then supplied back to the system..
5.Absorber:- As refrigerant liquid /vapour descends to the absorber from the evaporator ,concentrated solution coming from the heat exchanger is sprayed out into the flow of descending refrigerant .the hygroscopic action between lithium bromide and water and the related changes in concentration and temperature result in the creation of an extreme vacuum in the evaporator directly above. The dissolving of the lithium bromide in the water gives off heat, which is removed by condenser water .the resultant dilute lithium bromide solution collects in the bottom of the absorber ,where it flows down to the solution the chilling cycle is completed.

VAM M/C Details:-

“Low temp. Hot water fired Vapour absorption Machine“
Manufacture:- VOLTAS LTD. Mumbai
Capacity:- 185TR
Model no:- HAU-L-16S(SP)
Other Technical description:-
1. Absorption Heat Pump:- Single Effect type
2. Chilled water inlet:- 11Deg C.
3. Chilled water outlet:- 6Deg C.
4. Flow rate:- 112 cuM/Hr
5. Cooling water inlet temp:- 32
6. Cooling water Outlet temp:- 38
7. Flow rate:- 5240 cuM/Hr
8. Hot water in/out temp.:- 88/78
9. Flow rate:- 78 cu.M/Hr
10. Connected Load:- 5.8KW

Benifits:- Chilled water use to cool electrical control room & offices .Nsail Replaced Room A.C & portable A.C. unit after installation of this unit. We are saving 8500Rs /day & max.recovery of waste heat which is generated by our gas engine.

(C) HRU (Heat recovery unit):- The HRU is of finned tube bundle in casing construction and horizontal in orientation .the exhaust gas flows in the shell side and the circulating water inside the tubes ,counter current to the gases.

The gases coming from the exhaust of the engine enters the HRU by flue gas ducting .the gases are diverted in to the HRU by the pneumatic diverter damper placed at the out let of the engine exhaust .the out let of the diverter damper is connected to the inlet of the HRU.The out let of HRU is connected to the chimney .when ever heat recovery is not required the gas is diverted directly to the chimney through by pass duct.

Principle of HRU:- The hot water coming from the process enters the HRU through the interconnecting piping .the water enters at 135 Deg.c and leaves the HRU at 160Deg.C .A Temperature indicating controller is provided at the out let of the HRU.which is gives a 4-20m A Signal to the three way diverter damper .the diverter damper modulates with respect to the HRU hot water out let temperature.

The soft water pump to the HRU picks up the waste heat from the engine exhaust gases entering at 435deg.C (100% Load ) and get heated up to 160Deg.C.

In case the water temperature rises above the control limit ,a temperature indicating controller provided at the out let of HRU gets activated and by passes the gases to the chimney directly .once the temperature of the falls bellow the set point ,the three way damper is activated to allow gasses to flow through the HRU.

Details of HRU:-
TYPE:- Serpentine H fin tube bundle in shell construction
Capacity:- 675000KCAL/H
Manufacturing date:- 2008
Design:- out door /horizontal
Outlet temp:- 160Deg.C (Max.)
Design temp:- 200Deg.C
Pressure drop in flue gas side:- 150mmwc
Quantity:- 02Set for 2 MW
Tube bundle design:-
Type:- fin tube
Material:- BS 3059 ERW
Design pressure:- 16Kg/cm2 g
Hydraulic test pressure:- 24kg /cm2 g
Fin material:- partially SS 304 & partially CRCA.
Fin type:- Shrink fitted

Benifits:- NSAIL using hot water for pickling unit & CGL line as dryer unit. we are saving 3500Rs/per day.

(D)Furnace Oil Base Power Plant:- NSAIL have install 12 MW Furnace oil base diesel power plant with capacity 1x7010 kw & 1x 5220 kw caterpillar Germany make 4-stock V type .Suitable for operation on heavy fuel max. viscosity 750 CST/50deg.C with AVR Germany brushless type alternator.

NSAIL generate power at 11KV & step-up to 33KV by step-up transformer .we run F.O. base power plant in Island mode & synch. with grid.

(1)7010KW Engine Details:-
Manufacture:- caterpillar/Mak motern GmbH co. (Germany)
Model no:- 16CM32
SNO:- 51038
Manufacture Year:- 1999
Capacity:- 7010kw
Speed:- 750rpm
Cylinder:- V-Type
NO.of cylinder:- 16
Strockes:- 4 stroke
Fuel:- Diesel/HFO
Governor type:- electro hydr

Alternator details:-
Manufacture:- AVK Deutschland GmbH & Co.
Manufacture date:- 1999
Type:- Synchronous VDE0530 DIG 161 M/8
Capacity:- 8765 KVA
Voltage:- 11000V
Power factor:- 0.08
Frequency:- 50HZ
PH:- 3Phase
Current:- 460amp
Rpm:- 750
(2)5220KW Engine Details:-
Manufacture:- caterpillar/Mak motern GmbH co. (Germany)
Model no:- 12CM32C
SNO:- 34038
Manufacture Year:- 2004
Capacity:- 5220kw
Speed:- 750rpm
Cylinder:- V-Type
NO.of cylinder:- 12
Strockes:- 4 stroke
Fuel:- Diesel/HFO
Governor type:- electro hydr
Alternator details:-
Manufacture:- AVK Deutschland GmbH & Co.
Manufacture date:- 2004
Type:- Synchronous VDE0530 DIG 161 M/8
Capacity:- 6572 KVA
Voltage:- 11000V
Power factor:- 0.08
Frequency:- 50HZ
PH:- 3Phase
Current:- 345amp
Rpm:- 750

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