Very nice and cleanly maintained plant. Thanks…
Sapana Jain
Exim Bank

Impressed with the maintenance of the plant, especially cleanliness; Congratulations…
Mahesh Bhagat
Continho & Ferrostal.

Highly pleased to see this Mill Neat and Safety standard is maintained very high standard. Best wishes to full teams.
Biswarup Saha


State of art facilities, clean, spic and span, transparent operations, good quality products. Thank you very much.
R. Radhakrishnan
ISGEC, Noida

I am very happy to see such high quality Mill in India, all the best.
Squandi Omar Abu Ali
Mitsui & Company. Egypt

Good Mill and very good Service. Thanks for all your support, help and above all hospitality.
Ms. Tanya Prasad

Thank you for this most impressive experience.
Claudia Rothenbach
UBS AO Innich, Switzerland

Good plant and impressed with the new project. All the best..
Mr.Ajay Amin

Impressive set up with dedicated team of employee, you will soon become leader in this field.

Areas Of Operation

Areas of Operations

       This policy will be built on following areas for our stake holders & community as an emerging standard of Corporate Social Responsibility.

4.1) Health
       We are committed to implement a programme of activities to achieve continuous improvement in health and safety performance of our employees & society at large.
Illustrative areas of activities are –
           Free Medicine distribution
           Health checkups
           Medical camps
           Doctor’s education etc.

4.2) Safety
       We are committed to put our efforts to find out unsafe places & unsafe acts for improving safety of the people at workplace and Road safety for general public.
Illustrative areas of activities are –
           Organisation wide safety awareness drives to improve safety.
           A series of training sessions for safe working practices.
           Road safety campaign for general public.

4.3) Employees
       We deliver a competitive and fair employment environment and the opportunity to develop and advance subject to personal performance and business opportunity.
Illustrative areas of activities are –
           Employee education & skill development programs
           Personal effectiveness programs

4.4) Customers
       Our business and existence depend upon our customers. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that any contact with our customers and the public at large reflects professionalism, efficiency and honesty. We will constantly strive to provide high quality service and products and good value for money.
Illustrative areas of activities are –
           Health awareness programs
           Product knowledge
           Providing quality products

4.5) Environment
       Our objective is to reduce the impact on the environment through a committed continual improvement projects for Environment Management systems.
Illustrative areas of activities are –
           Tree plantations inside and outside the plants.
           Rain water harvesting.
           Ecology balance awareness to the workmen, school & College students.
           Water conservation
           Energy conservation

4.6) Community at large
       We being a responsible corporate citizen, support social & non-political projects. For this purpose our organization focus on charities in following areas.
           Education & Training
           Social Welfare of underprivileged sections
           Rural development

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